Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Prude & Proud

I just finished watching a video blog of someone who just got out of a relationship and now they have confessed and are some-what proud to be a serial hoe (so to speak). I am stunned! You get out of a relationship and decide - "well I cannot commit to one person so I will give myself to errorBody (everybody)I feel." How challenging.

I find it sad that we as SGL brothas feel that it is okay to encourage or agree with our "friends" that exihibit/ brag about this behaviour. So jaded and they don't even realize but they have moved on and are so happy to be free. HMMM! I have always been an advocate for monogamy and practice it, sans the time I slipped. Okay, we all deserve a one free "I messed up" pass. :) Do what you will with your body, but what does it proove? Do I want to hook up with someone who is so available/fast/easy and so used up sexually? NO! How empty are you that you need to get temporarily filled up by water downed gas? Sorry, I prefer premium. Costs more but much more rewarding and less damage down the road. I don't care how responsible you are condom wise. Actually, that is great but the behaviour is still dangerous/risky. I sigh in sadness that many of us Brothas have not read the post it notes left on our psyche's wall. POST IT NOTE One night stands never feel good once you sit to yourself.

I attribute a lot of this to Black PORN> Fantasy does not have to translate to reality. I may visualize 5 hot guys lined up waiting to service ME and ME only but in reality do I want to persue that? ye-NO!

We treat each other like disposable dildos & glory holes.
Some people are just to be admired and not had.

It's not chic anymore.

Are you a hurt person hurting people or a loving person loving people?


thegayte-keeper said...

I am a LOVING PERSON LOVING PEOPLE...I LOVE this sad that men would choose to live in this regard and try for something better

Troy N. said...

why can't this be repeated and made in stone for each and every one of us to finally get and understand?? Excellent.
Whatever happened to real premium, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I like this post. It really makes you think. Of course -- I'm like you, we all have fantasies of men being there to service us, but when it really comes down to it... it's nothing I have ever SERIOUSLY pursued simply because I feel that I owe myself so much more.

I'm glad I came across this because I did a vlog on the subject... I was offered the opportunity for that "fantasy" to come true... but was rather disgusted by the actual seriousness of the idea and turned it down. If I never make love, then love is not for me.

Kaio said...

Hi there,
Nice blog but needs to be updated more often!
Have a great week then.
Cheers from London!

kritzmoritz said...

I feel compelled to say, "hold on to your thoughts there boy". You may need to consider that person's sphere of reference. You don't wake from a relationship to choose to be a ho. That relationship musta have made you feel like one...and so, you chose to become it ... and who says we cant live out our fantasies now and then

Ocean said...


Nubian Dreams Blog said...

wow...interesting conversation. Wish more people were discussing these issues. Happy Holidays

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