Monday, May 20, 2013


How does he expect us to be friends when he was a lousy lover? Be friends so I can hear you go on about your new conquests? Be friends after you have left tons of messages disclosing how you miss me, yet you have not once said "I am sorry." Be friends after listening to several of your messages week after week yet still no "I love YOU." He wants a friend but cannot be a friend. What part of history do I want to repeat? How about that moment in time when he did not exist to me- yeah that's about right. Be friends? Be gone!

Monday, January 21, 2013


I find it so crazy when a guy you have dealt with in the past just out of the blue tries to contact you. Well bucko- you had your chance. Most of the times the so called apology is just a statement used as a key to open you up to them again. I am of the thought that a lot of people cannot recognize good in their life or just like complicated relationships. It may appear that they have changed but truly they just want you back in their life so you can fill them up (ahem) again and boost their ego. I suggest you consider the source and ask yourself if you are willing to re-visit that experience because we always get back into the same dynamics with old flames no matter how much you think they have changed. They know you well because you poured your heart out to them, you made yourself vulnerable and they know that.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brotha2Brotha renamed Brotha4Brotha

I just finished watching a video clip of 1 sgl brotha being mauled and beat down by at least (reported) 8 black dogs (hood guys). I always thought that because of our plights in history that black people would rise above hate or at least be more compassionate to diversity. SMH! What happened to all the efforts made during the civil rights era? In the midst of Black history month I feel stunned. With that said, I put out this statement for ALL brothas that happen to be attracted to brothas (black-mixed-latino)in particular... LOVE one ANOTHER. It is hard enough being demonized and victimized by our straight counterparts. Nurture each other and protect each other. Straight guys want to F%$# us up and many lost gay guys just want to F%$# each other. Let's truly be our BROTHAS keeper!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

BLISS & Flirtation

To know that a wonderful and blissful guy is out there excites me.
Socializing through flirtation is my way of finding my ideal guy.
Ahh... to be in love is everything!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Let him CUM to me.

I have spent tireless months of making my self available and present. I have changed my method of approach to dating> tried online dating sites(again and NEVA again)- offline (random convos & flirting in various environments) and damn near telepathy. I have officially thrown in the proverbial dating towel (for now).The most annoying part was my attempts at challenging the idea that you have to wait and let it happen. Guess I was too anxious and enthusiastic. Yeah I know the stars are lining up the right guy that has the pulse for life, expression and communication skills that will balance our relationship but whats wrong with going for what you want Now and not sitting waiting like a MANsel (damsel) in distress?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ambivalent attraction.

So, I constantly get hit on by women- FINE! Go to the man bars and insert cricket noises. Okay, well I do get approached by seedy, campy guys. Went to a performance at a small cafe. The singer has gay friends and it totally was a gay friendly establishment but not agay bar from my understanding. Dancing minding my own biz- smiling etc. Then I decide to sit down for a minute and check my phone. A cute female abruptly parks herself right next to me and starts with her iterrogation. "You are handsome- just gorgeous, you have a lot of admires in here." Then she ask who I came with. "Nobody," I reply. Then she aks what do I prefer? I said anybody with beautuful spirit. (Cheesy but that was what my mind told me to say). She said "oh I like that." I know she was into me and I believe so was the clearly gay guy she was hanging with was too. I mean it was all kinds of invasive. Nobody there was I interested in. I don't want to lie but I had to give her an ambivalent answer becasue A) she interupted me B) thought it was so out of place and abrupt. My question is should I have told her I liked guys and is that an apropraite question to answer?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Summer Lover for Life.

I am ready for partnership LOVE- I am able and ready to learn and love someone other than myself. I put my energy into drawing my ideal lover to me this summer 2010. It will flow, I will not force it but will expect it.
More details to come, gotta go get ready. :)

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