Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brotha2Brotha renamed Brotha4Brotha

I just finished watching a video clip of 1 sgl brotha being mauled and beat down by at least (reported) 8 black dogs (hood guys). I always thought that because of our plights in history that black people would rise above hate or at least be more compassionate to diversity. SMH! What happened to all the efforts made during the civil rights era? In the midst of Black history month I feel stunned. With that said, I put out this statement for ALL brothas that happen to be attracted to brothas (black-mixed-latino)in particular... LOVE one ANOTHER. It is hard enough being demonized and victimized by our straight counterparts. Nurture each other and protect each other. Straight guys want to F%$# us up and many lost gay guys just want to F%$# each other. Let's truly be our BROTHAS keeper!

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