Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Subconsciously Straight???

Could it be that I am too hetero- behaving?

I mean the Sistas seem to fawn over me. Always wanting to exchange numbers. N.B; I am not stating this in a vain or ego based manner.

I had one female friend obsess/ have a mental romantic relationship with me. The friendship ended due to my need to socilaize outside of my upaid therapist-like friendship. It may have been the universe breaking that unrequited love cycle that I allowed to manifest.

I have another female "acquaintance" that I have not seen in years (reason for everything). I am now getting hampered with phone messages with pleas to meet up one on one. "What you do today?, I called you this morning..." I am quite annoyed. More than 3 phone calls in a day is getting stalkerish and quite frankly invasive, especially when it is not coming from your Man/lover. I by no means am requesting this type of behavior from either gender to be exact.

Is my masculinity and regular brotha next door vibe chasing the Brothas away?

Is my "undetectable" gay vibe keeping the Brothas at bay?

Or is it Sistas are becoming way too desperate/ aggressive and latch onto any guy that gives them the time of day, whether he is attracted to her or not?

I truly believe that the only person that really needs to know your sexual affinity is the person you are attracted to or are intimate with.

I do not act "straight", I am just me. I blend in all environments. I do not get more straight in a straight environment or more nellyish in a gay one. I rarely talk about my sex life, I have learned to keep that to myself.

Listen Woman
, I do not want with you to jump the broom.
I see your true qualities already in your demanding ways.
Even if I was into your kind, that broom you want us to jump would still stay so vertical.I too have an urgency but based on your attitude and actions you have showed me a mirror of self reflection that I will not find my lover by being a bother just like you.

Listen Man, make up your mind. I am the type of guy you can bring around your peeps and never have to play a role or stiffen up my body to pass. Talk to me I won't bite. I won't do anything to you that you don't want done to yourself. I just want this dodge ball game to end. You know what you desire and I am here just as you required. I can gage chemistry at a glance but I will not stalk, seduce, nor demand atention from you..


BronzeBuckaroo said...

I am not straight acting or gay acting. I am just me, nerdy me.

There are many beautiful sisters out there wanting what "we" want in a brother. We both want the type who hasn't been burdened to the point he has lost confidence in himself and is manacled by self-hate. Sisters see their ideal man in you. Smart, a good self-awareness of himself, and confident.

Moanerplicity said...

I understand your plight to the fullest, because I've been there... in fact, there were times when reading this that I THOUGHT it could've been written by me!

I think the deal is that straight, or women in general, often look for validation from men, and gay men will do this freely, without seeking something in return (like bedding them). That's a mighty strong lure, and it also makes that (gay) man somewhat of a challenge/fantasy object.

It doesn't matter whether you're upfront w/ your preferences or choose to be discreet... women will pick up on the qualities you naturally project: sensitivity, caring, honesty, wit, kindness, empathy, humor, etc. Often it's these very qualitities that straight men lack... Thus, the attraction.



thegayte-keeper said...

I like that you are being you and life is happening all around you...keep the vampires away we need men like you in our camp

HisLoveCoversMe said...

Man seems like you're reading my mind. Good stuff man.

Always be yourself.

By the way, thanks for checking out my spot.

Be blessed.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Just checking up on you again, LB. Hope all is well. :-)

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