Wednesday, September 24, 2008

keyBORED over paveMENt

Now I know this is taken from scriptures but it is so applicable to most life situations. We are not supposed put our hands to the plow and look back once we make a decision to move forward. So I have made a decision to be patient and never act out of desparation again. So why have I looked back? Am I acting on inspiration? Could this be the right timing? Or have I let impatience and temporal lonliness take over?

I have signed up for the same online dating site 3rice. I just find that I am way too open, become waaaay too attached to words and way too hopeful in exchange of flat,inconsistent online exchanges and then I shut down my account. I know this is a "tired" question but if I am online and I "believe" my heart is in the right place, is it possible that the person I give my precious typing time to is just as decent, fair and honest with what they want? Or should I just keep my hand to plow and not look back at online potential dating?

side note- I still believe in the convention ideal of public social interaction e.g bumping into that special person as you are coming out of a store or some beautiful random act of fate like that. :)

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Son of Baldwin said...

Have I found a fellow Baldwinian???

Welcome, brother!

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