Thursday, May 21, 2009

Their God Hates gays.

I have met some spiritually messed up dudes.
I mean it is nice to date a guy who loves the Lord but then it gets to the point of religious insanity. Out of nowhere they become holier than thou and then run top speed to church(religion) not God. God is everywhere. It's such self hate.
They do not understand that love is what we are here to do. They do what CUMS natural to them then feel guity and beleive church will quick fix and sexually cleanse them and in no time they are back to their old dicks (I mean tricks again).

They will never find resolution with their God because they fail to realize that being gay is part of their sexual DNA. Sex is not a relationship but you can have sex in a relationship. What they also fail to realize is that they are walking contradictions because "church" and "scriptures" is there to bring you to the truth and truth is what exists not what is conjured up. Either you a attracted to men or you aren't. YES it is that simple. I think that is a big mockery to GOD whom created you. I did not wake up and say "hey I'm gonna go after dick to piss of God and the Church." In my eyes it is the fact that they do not know how to love themselves and all God wants is for you to acknowledge that you were created as you are and stop lying and faking your true nature.Stop dragging these deserving women of heterosexuality into your web of sexual frustration and denial.

Next Brotha that I allow into my world is gonna have to love the SGL trinity which is God, himself and me.

What type of guy do you attract?


UrSoVain said...

Hello!!! I get the same ones!! Talkin' 'bout i dont know if i wanna be with men or women because god says... blah blah blah... as we're lying in bed with no clothes on. If u wanted a woman, you'd be with one. These church queens just kill me. And they're always like deeply unhappy and they look to the church to save them when clearly the church won't save you from yourself. Gotta learn to leave these one's alone and find someone who understands its okay to be gay. Actually, it's pretty awesome...

Q, Truly said...

"I did not wake up and say 'hey I'm gonna go after dick to piss of God and the Church.'"

the true blasphemy is denying oneself of joy

Corey said...

UrSoVain said it already! You've got to leave them be! We have to keep loving them, keeping our arms around and open to them while not being IN LOVE with them until they learn to LOVE THEMSELVES! I used to be a "church queen" and I know we can be often be driven crazy by the church, and drive ourselves and other people crazy in the process. A little off topic, but still relatable, is that I watched the movie Finding Me the other night. It does a fantastic job demonstrating how our beautiful young brothas can be SO MESSED UP if not by the church, then by the homophobia in our families. He was miserable and made life miserable for EVERYONE AROUND HIM, and blocked every blessing that came his way including a perfectly positive potential relationship with a super nice and sexy guy. Until he got a clue, he could NOT bring anything positive into the mix AT ALL. So it is with the brothas you write about. I hate to say it, but they/we can be/have been crazy and the less crazy we have in our lives the better. Get involved with them, and you SET YOURSELF UP!

Anonymous said...

I attract the D/L, the confused, the married/relations/baby mama, the crazy, and the "needs to get a grip". LOL

I attract alot of dudes but 90% are not worth the worry.

Mardi Reid said...

I agree with you 100 percent. I myself did a lot of downlo bullshit for sometime, but growing up in a Jamaican household would do that to you. Add in the church and you really grow up wanting to be "normal". Eventually you get it or you don't. Some men take longer than others but it is their journey. I wasn't forced I kinda eventually gave up hiding the older I got. funny thing is a lot of people were not surprised. Self hatred is the worst thing a person can inflict on oneself but we learn the hard way or the easy way..either way we go through a lot of hurt and hurt a lot of people as well. have the courage to just BE! You'll be fine, honest!

the 3rd tWin said...

i got to admit, when i was in high school i was pushed into my father's religon C.O.G.I.C. when he got "the call". i was still struggling with the idea of me being attracted to girls + guys, then the added pressure to believe that what i was feeling was the work of the devil taking over me. that if i allowed myself to embrace those feelings, i would be a disgrace + bring down my family name. shame, damnation, cursed, hellbound, that i would deserve every hate remark, every tease, every cruel action dealt upon me if i choose to go along with something i honestly felt was so right for me...

soon as i grew into myself + my personal spiritual relationship w/ God, i realized that He loves me for the person i am. i am many things, but most of all i am of God. i have to live my life out the way He would want me to, not by standards or opinions of others.

i can understand to an extent of what some men feels when it comes to religion or even the sterotype of being a black man. but when the day comes to where we all can be strong enough to be ourselves + all of us will welcome each other to be themselves without judgement + conditions... that would be a dream come true for day.

Anonymous said...

Ours is an envionment where evil is perceived to be rewarded while good is punished. As with everything the Gods have a reason for creating this perception::::
People who fall on the good side of the good/evil scale have more favor, and when they do something wrong the Gods punish them BECAUSE THEY WANT THEM TO LEARN. The Gods want them to receive this feedback in hope they make corrections and begin to behave appropriately. The Gods DON'T like evil and refuse to grant this feedback.
EVERYBODY pays for what they do wrong, only evil people must wait until their next life before they will experience the wrath of the Gods, manifested in their reincarnation as a lower form of life into environments with increased/enhanced temptations.
Sadly, this allows the Gods to position this perception of evil rewarded as temptation, one which they use as an EXTREMELY effective corruptor.

Both Africa and the Medittereanean are regions which have sexual issues. This is a sign of morbid disfavor once you understand that females are the God's favored gender. Muhammad's (Mohammed's) polygamy halfway through his life as a prophet was preditory. Now a huge percentage of Muslims believes in male superiority and that the abuse of women is God's will. Female genital mutilation is still practiced in Africa. Black misogyny is the most eggregious example in the recent past.
Black member size is temptation to a predisposed population.
The patriarchal cancer spread throughout Europe because of Christianity, of which the majority of policy makers were Italian men. Expect the largest landowner in Europe and the continent's original superpower also played a major role in African slavery.

Militancy in Africa is consistant with the Iraqi example, as was slavery and the KKK here in America:::Fear enforces proper behavior. Without it we see what happens as a result of gross/morbid disfavor:::::AIDS, crack babies, dead young men in gangland retaliation killings. This is the purpose behind many black's historical tendancy towards resistance.
The same principle was true in Europe and throughout the world for centuries:::People whom lived under iron fists were conditioned to think the right way. As a result they experienced higher numbers of children accend into heaven because they were taught to think and behave appropriately, which they passed on to their children. Our preditory envionment of "freedom" was the primary purpose the Gods had when implimenting this strategy that is the United States, one which they used to spred the cancer of democracy and westernization throughout the world. And the Gods use this tool that is America to prey on the disfavored both at home and abroad:::Much like the ghetto, America in general experiences a heightened level of temptation due to the people's disfavor.

Even the Old Testiment is not to be taken literally, but the Gods do offer clues throughout to help the disfavored:::The apple is a tool of temptation used to corrupt Adam and Eve and cast them out of the Garden of Eden.
There is another lesson to be learned from this passage, and it is quite similar to the vailing issue and the discourse over women's attire which ultimately died in the 70s:::Women are responsible for and control the fate of mankind.

Think about what I say. Consider what I teach. Society is going to become disturbingly ugly as we approach the Apocalypse due to spiralling, runaway disfavor.
I do not know when this will occurr, but it is the God's way to grant some time before they end on Planet Earth.
Make the decision to always be good and never look back. Until you do this technology will employ tactics to test your resolve:::Ridicule, beligerance, doubt and refusal to abandon what people perceive to be their "investment".
Pray daily. Think appropriately. Too many are confident, unaware of the God's awesome powers or their status as antients. Others may fall prey to their positioning.
Be humbled, God-fearing and beware of the God's temptations, for everyone is tested to evaluate their worthiness.
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